for sustainable parking.

Parking that’s fit for the future: the grass is greener with GREENPORT solar carports.

For a green future.

The sun’s energy is a clean, infinite source for generating electricity, and as such, will play an important role in the future. GREENPORT solar carports provide a way to harness this energy, while making parking more sustainable and environmentally friendly. By combining innovative solar technology and functional carports, we are taking an important step towards a greener future in which we consciously opt for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Solar carports as a forward-looking investment.

Within the scope of the EAG investment grant legislation, PV systems on car park roofs can receive an additional grant of 30%, if they cover at least 10 parking spaces. In Upper Austria and Styria, there are already grants for PV car parks available, while Vorarlberg has also announced such a grant. Thanks to these government supports, investing in solar carports is not only a sustainable decision, but a financially attractive option for companies and organisations.