Design line

The benefits of GREENPORT solar carports are numerous and offer a sustainable solution for car park design.

Sustainability meets aesthetics: the benefits of a GREENPORT solar carport.

At a glance

  • Bifacial modules from Austria for light transmittance, attractive design and up to 30% additional output
  • Individual pillar variants enable a design tailored to your personal taste
  • Sophisticated wing-shaped design for customer-friendly parking and entry/exit from the vehicle
  • Only four standard parts required for screw-mounting on site (1 crane, 4 persons) = quick and easy installation
  • Can be easily relocated, complete with modules
  • All cables routed under covers
  • Modular system enables individual adaptation to local conditions
  • Option to use one or two sides of the parking area
  • Quick and easy installation and commissioning saves time and money
  • Electrical and digital add-ons and connections possible (advertising panels, LED, WiFi, light walls, touch screens, speakers)
  • Feeding of electricity into the grid enables optimal effectiveness
  • Save costs by using free solar energy to generate electricity.
Bifacial cell
up to +30%
E-Charging station
Quick and
simple assembly
Design creation
Top price-
performance Ratio
Weather and
sun protection
Hail resistance
LED lighting
Type statics with
3 snow loads
up to 4kN/m²
Column design
Generates electricity, not problems: easy installation.

Greenport consists of only four standard parts, which can easily be assembled using screws. This modular design also enables easy transfer to another location without elaborate disassembly or reassembly work.

Bask in the sun – and in your savings: low material & maintenance costs.

By reducing the number of pillars, our carport not only enables an aesthetically pleasing and open design, but also provides a cost-efficient solution.

Play it safe: comfortable parking

Thanks to its wing-shaped design, our carport enables customer-friendly parking and entry/exit from the vehicle – making it an inviting space for every vehicle.

Watt more can you want: unlimited scalability.

With only one additional support, our carport can be extended to add four valuable parking spaces – a clever solution for unlimited scalability of the space.

Design line

Alongside the option for a customised design, here at GREENPORT, we also offer a selection of design lines as inspiration.


Parking space
for your ideas
with customisable design.

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