GREENPORT solar carports are an innovative and sustainable solution developed by GREENoneTEC, your reliable partner for environmentally friendly technologies.

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GREENPORT solar carports: the innovative road to sustainable parking

GREENoneTEC is not just a leading manufacturer of solar panels and fastening systems, but is also a pioneer in the development of environmentally friendly technologies. One example of this is the innovative solar carports from GREENPORT, which provide a sustainable alternative to conventional car parks. These solar carports use the power of the sun to generate energy, while protecting cars from the weather. Thanks to GREENoneTEC’s expertise in the production of high-performance solar panels and fastening systems, customers can be sure that GREENPORT solar carports are designed and produced to the highest technological standard.

Robert Kanduth – Managing Director
Sustainability is our speciality: GREENoneTEC’s
leading technology

The value retention of GREENoneTEC products has long been an important aspect of the company philosophy. This is not only reflected in the high-quality craftsmanship and durability of the products, but in the continuous development of our technology as well. GREENoneTEC's leading technology is the result of many years of research and development that is intently focused on creating viable future solutions for a sustainable world.