A carport doesn’t have to be “just” a roof. With GREENPORT, your carport is transformed into a design highlight that can be individually adapted to the most varied requirements. Whether as a simple roof or as a fully fledged car park with electric charging stations, advertising panels or LED lighting – the possibilities are practically endless. Every GREENPORT solar carport is individually designed and adapted to the needs of the customer.

Parking space
for your ideas
with customisable design.


Our Greenport is equipped with bifacial modules from Austria, which not only feature an attractive design, but also offer increased light transmittance and up to 30% more energy yield. These high-quality, durable modules not only make a statement in terms of aesthetics, but in terms of sustainability and efficiency too.


Greenport pillars not only provide sturdy support for the roof, but also offer flexible design options and additional equipment, to fully tailor your carport to your personal preferences. Whether it’s wood, decor panels or moss – the individual pillar design creates a unique atmosphere and allows you to incorporate inverters, WiFi routers, technical features, e-charging stations, advertising elements and screens. Covers ensure tidy cable management, while the integrated gutter with roof drainage prevents water from accumulating in the supports. With our optional extras, such as lighting, speakers, light walls, touch screens and bird deterrents, your carport can become an immersive experience for you and your guests!